Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tough Questions.. about God, Faith & the Bible

So today in Church we looked at Psalm 73
(& I wanted to share the message)

People always question why there is pain and suffering in the world, I know I do sometimes. Everyone is in the spotlight of pain and suffering at some point in their life's. You're not alone.
Asaph question God too, he starts off in verse one saying
"Surely God is good to Israel,
                     to those who are pure in the heart"
The bible teaches us 4 main points....

GOD is GOOD, WISE, POWERFUL and evil exists

wait that doesn't sound right! If God is all those things then why does he let things happen, why did that awful tsunami hit China and wash all those bodies away, what about hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, or prostitution and women trafficking, what about third world countries, starvation, thirst, shelter, cancer, what about the girl that was kidnapped yesterday, or why did that drunk driver hit and kill the innocent young girl pursuing her dreams in college....
 none of this makes sense!!!!
Did God cause these things to happen? No, but he does allow it...this world is a broken place

Asaph goes on to say that he almost lost all his faith, because he sees good things happening to people who aren't good. To people who steal, cheat, lie, who do not follow our Lord. Why are they getting everything handed to them? What have they done? In verse 4 he says "They have no struggles, their bodies are healthy and strong, they are free from burdens common to man; therefore pride is in their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence". That doesn't seem fair, does it?
Then he goes on and says pretty much "its been worthless to serve you, its not paying off God. Whats the point in this if these kinds of people are rewarded. Whats going on?"

When something bad happens to people their become embittered, meaning they cannot reconcile and they become very bitter and angry people. Angry at God, angry at their children, wife's, and family. Asking...

"God why did you let this happen?" "How could you take the life of my child?" "Why couldn't you cure the cancer?"
God does not answer those kinds of questions, he answers the personal whys
"God what are you trying to teach me?" "Lord, this happened because something needs to change in my life, what is it? Show me why."
You need to choose to put ALL your trust in God.
Then my favorite part begins, first read this part of the passage then continue on my journey through understand this word......pretty powerful huh? He says that those will perish and be destroyed who are unfaithful to our Lord. I love verse 23, (if you can't tell by my heart). It says that the lord holds us by our right hand, when I read that I thought about how a mother or father holds onto their child's hands, never letting go, when they are starting their first steps... They wouldn't dare let their child fall, NEVER. God does that same thing for us. We are his children.
Sometimes we may feel like we are staring at a brick wall when bad things happen  in our life's               

which is understandable, we cannot see the big picture... in time though when pain and suffering have occurred in our life's, we need to take steps back, gradually and start looking at the bigger picture. God WILL take your pain and suffering and he is really painting an amazing mural in your life and in time you will realize that.

 Some people are deeply disturbed when they see evil people living without a care. Does a bad life always make a person unhappy? Not in the short run, according to the description. In fact, the life of the wicked sometimes looks enviable. Only in the light of eternity does godly living ALWAYS prove more rewarding.

I challenge you to ask yourself "Can I say I have made the Lord my refuge?"
Like in verse 28.

and always remember......

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