Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miss Teen North Carolina 2012, 3rd runner up!

I haven't shared any pictures from the Chicago national pageant! I can't believe I forgot, ever since I came home though I've been so busy. What an awesome and unforgettable week too. I got to meet so many incredible girls and make some great friendships. When the pageant actually came around at the end of the week I was a nervous wreck, but I knew that God already knew who the winner was and we were all here for a reason. The night they announced top 10, I was called out number 10! I dropped to my knees on the stage and started crying, haha and I'm not a crier. I was so extremely excited and blessed and grateful to just have been chosen in the top 10 numbers. I then competed again but added the on stage interview. Such a fun experience! Then I ended up top 5 and got 3rd runner up which I am so proud to have gotten. I was actually just pleased to get top 10, then to get 3rd was such an incredible feeling! Here's some pictures from the week, hope you enjoy :)
xoxox, Shelbs

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